22 - 27 February

Talk, Listen and Care about Youth Suicide

Let's talk about suicide

We encourage people to open up to talking about suicide. Where there is openness, knowledge and conversation, young people can feel better able to overcome shame and stigma and ask for help.

Our culture is uncomfortable to talk about mental health and suicide in particular. There is often stigma associated with asking for help. By informing ourselves about suicide and being prepared to talk about this difficult subject, we can all as individuals and a community help keep our youth suicide-safe.

The links below give information to help us talk openly about suicide.

By treating mental health like physical health, we can normalise conversations around the topic of suicide

When encouraging conversations about suicide, be there as an active and interested listener

As a parent, teacher or friend, show you care by taking this online suicide prevention training course

Be better informed by understanding what suicidal thoughts are and how to deal with them

Warning signs can manifest in different ways and are sometimes subtle. It's important to know what to look for

There are many myths surrounding suicide and it is important to distinguish between fact and fiction

Learn more about young people's views on suicide - how it affects them and how they would like to be supported


Do you need help now?

You are not alone. There is always help. There is always hope. 

And there is always someone to talk to, whether to just offload or to ask for help here

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